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Create the highest, Grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe. A warrior is born not trained, but a little inspiration from things we see and hear day to day go a long way in ensuring the warrior in us takes its rightful place in life.

For this reason we think carefully when designing Cakes particularly for young people who hold a future of limitless possibilities.

This Grand Cake was designed for one of the son’s of a Great Man and Woman. A couple which has impacted this country and by extension our life’s in a manner that will be remembered for generations to come.

Greatness is when a woman of great status and class in a Nation chooses to put everything aside and run not to restore her health, but to save and restore the life’s of Vulnerable mothers and Children; through campaigns that not only shock, but give the world a whole new meaning of Leadership.

I am referring to the Fast Fastest First Lady in the entire world Honorable Margret Kenyatta. Her Beyond Zero Campaign has seen quality health care going to the grassroots without discrimination among others. She is a woman married to an Energetic Vibrant down to earth Man who has become his own Man regardless of his History and status, to conquer what many would have considered distance mirage. A man who’s positive Maendeleo Records fly high and high every day.

Being a man of many talents, i have gone ahead and done a song In honor and support of of the Great Kenyan Mother. Visit the following link to sample the song as we all join hands to support her:

Looking at the Cake you notice the clever blend of rich Kenyan culture represented by the Massai sugar paste Shields and Modern suit attire that is common with the vibrant youths who are not afraid to experiment with fashion.

This captures the strides we have made since independence to date. The youths are able to blend what they wear by stretching their imagination to a level which takes fashion and style to a whole new dimension.

The sugar paste plaque signifies a sportive strong young man who loves keeping healthy by lifting weights to pump his muscles which is a discipline of Champions, the fit and the strong.

The higher you go the higher the blue skies appear. Limitations live only in our minds, but if we use our imaginations our possibilities become limitless like the blue sky, thus the blue sugar paste suit on the cake which is complimented by the yellow tie which is a show maturity.

We put thought to Cake before designing it and that is why we say if you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Our prices are friendly and surely sometimes do not much the hours we put in the process of bringing them to live, but the satisfaction the customer gets makes up for everything else.

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