Cake Toppings

Cake Toppings by Emma Daniel Creations
  1. Corsage Flower topping


    A rose flower by any other name would smell as sweet. Cake toppings are very important as they give the cake that wonderful finish that keep eyes glued to the cake for a moment that seems like an eternity. Topping for cakes come in many forms. Some are commercial and these are bought mainly from cake shops while the very special once are hand made such as Sprays, Poises and Corsages of sugarpaste flowers or creative drawing on pastillage plaque. At Emma Daniel Creations we will create toppings to suit any cake ranging from birthday cakes to wedding cakes. Creative bouquet of assorted sugar flowers to crown wedding cakes to graduation caps to make a winning statement on that graduation cake among others. The prices for this special toppings will depend on the size and complexity. The order of such toppings has to be ordered well in advance due to the detailed work involved in creating them. Go to the product description below to see a list of some of the topping we can do for you if you are a cake maker and maybe you don't have time or the expertise to make them yourself.

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