Make your next party a big hit when it's time to blow out the candles. From pretty princess cakes to spiderman cartoons and boxing ring-shaped cakes, these birthday cakes will wow kids and big kids alike. For any Consultation please contact us today
  1. Rational


    Corporate party cake

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  2. Suit and Tie Cake


    Suit and Tie Cake

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  3. 1 Kg plain Vanilla Flavoured butter cream cake


    Girls love Pink and Cream.

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  4. Emma Daniel Creations Kenyan African Traditiona Basket Wedding cake


    African themed cake could be anything ranging from African cooking pot, wild animals, Pumpkin cake African musical instruments etc, The prices will differ depending on the shape, the size and the flavour of the cake. These kind of cakes fall under fantasy/ novelty cake and will cost from KES3500/= per 2 kilograms onward. When ordering these kind of cakes you should allow extra Kilos to allow for the wastage during curving and shaping. Price is exclusive of VAT. The order must be made at least 2 weeks in advance and a 75% commitment fee paid

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  5. Sofa Set Novelty Wedding Cake


    If you can dream it, we can make it Happen. This has been our Slogan since the very first day Emma Daniel Creations Was formed. We design Cakes that Paint your dream to the world in 3D (three dimension), We make them so real in real life and capture them creatively in picture that anyone who has not experienced us before will surely think it is Photoshop. One of my food production class tutor managed to capture the photo of the ripe yellow and blue sofa set cake using her phone camera, of course with an obvious intention to show off. The first person she showed the picture was an aunt who had last seen her when she was jobless. "Oh my God" she exclaimed her eyes wide opened with joy evident on her now radiant face. " What a beautiful sofa you have bought for yourself, i couldn't afford such myself" she continued as she gave her a rib breaking hug. In a flash her status had hit the roof top and she hated to disappoint her auntie who had taken a new pride in her. what happened next your guess is as good as mine. Years of making cakes has only helped in pushing our skills in this special art, to a level that only leaves our customers Satisfied. Kindly take you time and read the product description below for the amazing story about this great wedding cake which falls under our novelty/ fantasy wedding cakes category. For the full Price list of our cakes kindly go to our home page and scroll down to OUR CAKE MENU SECTION and click on the relevant price list for details and conditions. Remember a party without a Cake is just a Meeting. We will crown your event with our themed designer cakes anytime.

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  6. 1 kg butter cream cake


    A birthday without a Cake is Just an important meeting missing something equally as important. Life is like a layer cake. You get to put one on top of the other, and whether you frost it or not is up to you. Love is like a good Cake; you never know exactly when it is coming, but you’d better eat it when it comes and at Emma Daniel Creations we have a way of keeping Cakes coming. All you need to do is place your order now. GO TO OUR HOME PAGE AND SCROLL DOWN TO OUR CAKE MENU SECTION AND CLICK ON THE 1 KG STANDARD CAKE PRICES FOR A COMPLETE PRICE LIST AND IMAGES OF HOW THE CAKES LOOK IN THE INSIDE. CLICK ON EITHER THE 3 OR 4 INCH WEDDING CAKES FOR A COMPLETE PRICE LIST OF OUR WEDDING CAKES AND IMAGES OF THE FRUITS WE PUT IN OUR CAKES. NB: kindly read the product description section below to see some of the ingredients we mix in our cakes.

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  7. Ordination cake


    Cakes for all occasions

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  8. Kenyan Calabash


    Calabash Cake

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  9. 2 kg Emma Daniel Creations Femina Handbag Cake


    What a Woman, What a cake!

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