Make your next party a big hit when it's time to blow out the candles. From pretty princess cakes to spiderman cartoons and boxing ring-shaped cakes, these birthday cakes will wow kids and big kids alike. For any Consultation please contact us today
  1. Antique video camera cake


    Cake for dicovery 254.

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  2. 1 kg buttercream cake with micky and minnie


    Everyone loves mickey!!!!!!!!

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  3. Exquisite White wedding cake


    Exquisite White wedding cake

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  4. 1 kg spongebob cake


    Sponge Bob in the house

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  5. 2 kg Emma Daniel Creations spider man cake


    Cartoon Cakes are our specialty. Think of any Cartoon and we will make it happen on the cake.The prices of this cakes will be determined by mainly three factors which are the size/ weight, flavour of the cake and type of icing. A kilo of vanilla cake will cost KES2250/=, 1kg fruit cake will cost KES2800/=, 1kg red velvet will cost KES2750/=. The inside flavour and icing can be discussed to suit the clients needs e.g. the inside cake can be, chocolate, marble, lemon, orange, or coconut flavour among others. You can mix different flavors too.

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  6. 1kg Bus Novelty Birthday Cake


    Why is a Birthday cake the only food that you can blow on, spit on and everybody rushes to eat it? I guess it is because Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake, but again that’s just me. By the way as you grow older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two. Maybe, just maybe that is why everybody rushes to eat the cake in the hope that they will remember the other two. Our core business has always being cakes, which I learnt the hard way. When I first started baking cakes I didn’t have capital and so I used a make shift oven, which I used to make with a barbeque stove and a large Sufuria (cooking pan) filled with sand soil. For baking pans I used my mother’s tea pans. It was baptism through fire. The times the cakes sunk and burnt were more than all the fingers of my members put together, but patience, passion and lots of practice has got us where we are today. The journey has been tough but several years down the line the cake business has given birth to Emma Daniel Creations Group which Comprises of the Culinary School (Emma Daniel training Institute), Catering Unit, Audio and Video Production House and a Driving school. For this reason every cake we do is done with passion and love that only matches the love a child can give a truly loving mother, thus guaranteed satisfaction. Our cake prices are friendly with our half kilogram Vanilla flavoured creamed cakes going for KES 850/= while one kilogram of the same goes for KES 1400/=. For more details about our prices go to our home page and scroll down to OUR CAKE MENU SECTION and click on the relevant menu.

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  7. Book Launch Occasion Cake


    Book launch occasion cake.

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  8. Queen Birthday cake


    Queen Birthday cake

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  9. 1 kg flintstone vanilla cake


    Stone Age in colour

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  10. Emma Daniel Creations Kenyan African Traditional Wedding cake


    African themed cake could be anything ranging from African Drums, Baskets, Masai Manyatta's etc. These cakes fall under Novelty cakes which are in 4 classes depending on the amount of fruits inside. Class A -rich fruit cake = KES76,080/=, Class B medium fruit cake = KES67,960/=, Class C- light fruit cake =KES62,100/=, Class D- fruitlessKES48,240/=. All prices Are exclusive of VAT. The order must be placed at least two months before the Wedding and a 75% deposit paid. check our Wedding cake menu for more details or call our customer care centre.

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