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We understand how important launching a new product in the market is. For that reason our creative department under the competent leadership of our Chief Executive Chef Daniel Mungai we are able to make sure that we burn the midnight oil to make sure your product is captured on the cake.
Our main areas of concern are the logo, product and co-operate color. The whole or part of the cake can be shaped in form of the product or logo or can be printed with edible pictures of the same, while observing the co-operate colors. With this well captured, we are sure of endorsing the product to the invited guest with every yummy bite.
The price of such cake is determined by Size/Weight, Shape and Flavour. A 1 kg co-operate rich fruit cake will cost KES4200/= while the same cake of vanilla sponge will cost KES2600/=. When pricing we consider the wastage during carving and shaping.

Whether you shall turn out to be the hero of your own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, the pages of your Biography must show. A Daunting Journey is the memoir of Jeremiah Gitau Kiereini one great Kenyan who together with others sacrificed their lives to create a future for generations to come.
Born in 1929 in Kibicho, Central Kenya on the year that the Wall Street crashed leading US Great Depression, Mr. Kiereini was among the very lucky few to go to school. He went to a local primary school, then to Alliance High School and finally to Makerere University like all the bright chaps of the time. He secured himself a well paying job at the Indian high commission where he worked until he saw what his fellow Africans were going through as they fought for independence in the 1950s.
He left and took a job with the colonial service as a rehabilitator of those who were in concentration camps that the British had set up for people alleged to be Mau Mau (Our heroes, Our Freedom fighters) or their sympathizers.
He later become a District Assistant and moved up to become a permanent secretary in the ministry of defense in the new Kenyan civil servant before being trusted with the highest job in his profession as Head of the Civil Service.
Reading his great memoir is like watching a movie from our archive and that inspired me to come up with this great cake with a mix of color and black & white film wound around a blue reel which feeds the life of his story into the book. All that was left from the creative 18 kg cake is the picture which I will with luck add into my own memoir. Grab yourself a copy of the book and catch up with part of our Kenyan History that you did not know as you identify with yet another great Kenyan.
All materials used to make this cake are completely edible. The book cover and the film are printed using edible rice paper and edible food colour. The entire Rich fruit cake is covered using sugar paste and decorated with royal icing piping work.

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