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Winning and success means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else. Today His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and His Excellency Hon. William Ruto whom are part of team cutting this Grand Cake are the current leaders of this blessed country Kenya as President and Deputy President respectively. For that reason our creative department under the competent leadership of our Chief Executive Chef Daniel Mungai is able to make sure that we burn the midnight oil to make sure mood of your event is captured on the cake with the required temperature.
Our main areas of concern are the logo, product and corporate color. The whole or part of the cake can be shaped in form of the product or logo or can be printed with edible pictures of the same, while observing the corporate colors. With this well captured, we are sure of endorsing the product to the invited guest with every yummy bite.
The price of such cake is determined by Size/Weight, Shape and Flavour. A 1 kg co-operate rich fruit cake will cost KES4200/= while the same cake of vanilla sponge will cost KES2600/=. When pricing we consider the wastage during carving and shaping.

The Power of Choice is one of the greatest Powers given to any man. What everyone else may not realize is the Power a good Cake holds. Looking at this picture closely you will notice what has always being an amazing possibility in our beautiful country Kenya. Unity. His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, His deputy His excellency William Ruto, Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Former vice President Honoroubles Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and other great leaders of Kenya were united together with millions of Kenyans in the spirit of oneness during the 2005 referendum.

We have seen Kenyans come together in many occasions shelving away their tribal, religious and political differences in the spirit of togetherness to beat even the greatest of challenges e.g. during the Westgate mall attack where all Kenyans of good will, the rich and the poor gave a great show of unity and selflessness.

Kenyans From all walks of life endured the early morning dew to go and brave long queues to donate blood; others brought food staff to our Heroic forces and rescue team among many other great things.
A country united will never fall. Kenya has being a good example of peace, love and unity to the whole world. United we stand Divided we fall.

This great cake was cut as a show of a united Kenya after the Bananas lost to the Oranges during the referendum in Uhuru Park in front of a Packed crowd of over half a million jubilant Kenyans.

The cake was made By Emma Daniel Creations Staff in the shortest notice ever. The idea of the cake was presented to Chef Daniel Mungai in the late evening prior to the day the cake was supposed to be cut at the historic event. The Chef rounded up his team, some of whom had left for home and had to be recalled ASAP for an emergency brainstorming briefing which developed the idea of the Grand cake.

The 30kg fruit cake was made in the shape of Kenyan map and was crowned with a big Orange fruit cake which captured the mood of the season and day. All this was done in less than 12 hours notice and as agreed with the secretariat, the Cake was delivered at the venue by 7.30 am on the D day. Our Chief Executive Chef Daniel Mungai standing at the far left in the picture had the opportunity to guide the great Kenyan leaders in the cake cutting session.

If you love something so much it loves you back in equal measure. If you love your country so much (patriotism) it loves you back so much. This is a fact that our Chief Executive Chef can testify to. Apart from this big Cake Chef Daniel has participated in other great historic events like Catering in the historic 2013 presidential debate which took place in Brook house school among others.

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