6 kg Product Launch Cake

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We understand how important launching a new product in the market is. For that reason our creative department under the competent leadership of our Chief Executive Chef Daniel Mungai is able to make sure that we burn the midnight oil to make sure your product is captured on the cake.
Our main areas of concern are the logo, product and corporate color. The whole or part of the cake can be shaped in form of the product or logo or can be printed with edible pictures of the same, while observing the corporate colors. With this well captured, we are sure of endorsing the product to the invited guest with every yummy bite.
The price of such cake is determined by Size/Weight, Shape and Flavour. A 1 kg corporate rich fruit cake will cost KES4200/= while the same cake of vanilla sponge will cost KES2600/=. When pricing we consider the wastage during carving and shaping.

What every serious business person needs is a one stop solution to stay on top of the Game. Sheffield which is truly a blessing to Africa provides a one stop shop solution for setting up and equipping a wide range of food and beverage facilities including kitchens, restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Sheffield's unique business proposition brings together expertise in engineering and steel fabrication technology and a knowledge hospitality processes and requirements to deliver highly customized, excellent and cost effective solutions that combine world leading products with the ideal design and facility planning.

Being in the Food industry I have had the opportunity to experience firsthand the service provided by this great every industry player Partner. The managing Director Mr. Suresh Kanotra happens to be a genius when it comes to turning kitchens and other facilities in the hospitality industry around.

It is just the other millennium that people were using charcoal and firewood in their kitchens to cook. Of course the once that were favoured by early technology used advanced electrical and gas equipment's which made technology seem like it had reached its apex. Fast forward to the recent times and where a lot of us think we are up to date with the time, that is until you experience Sheffield’s top of the range smart equipment's that allow you to just tell them your needs at a touch of a button and they do the rest, saving you countless man hours as well as give you perfect results that would have only been previously possible in Photoshop.

A fine example is the Rationale Cooking unit that is self cooking, self cleansing among many other. All you need to do is pay them a visit for a total make over and improvement of your establishment or facilitate.

It is with this in mind that I was able to create the beautiful 6 kg cake during the launch of the Rationale 5 sense Oven in their premises along Mombasa road. I was able to capture both the company’s logo and the ovens brand logo and a picture of the Magical piece of Equipment using printed rice paper and edible food colour. I complemented all this with creative royal icing tube work piped on the fruit cake which was carefully covered with brilliant white sugar paste. I forgot to mention that i was able to achieve all this in less than 24 hour notice, though am used to delivering equally good results under pressure.

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