Emma Daniel Creations Kenyan African Traditiona Basket Wedding cake

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African themed cake could be anything ranging from African cooking pot, wild animals, Pumpkin cake African musical instruments etc,

The prices will differ depending on the shape, the size and the flavour of the cake. These kind of cakes fall under fantasy/ novelty cake and will cost from KES3500/= per 2 kilograms onward. When ordering these kind of cakes you should allow extra Kilos to allow for the wastage during curving and shaping.

Price is exclusive of VAT. The order must be made at least 2 weeks in advance and a 75% commitment fee paid

You have to taste a culture to understand it. Kenyans invented the basket many years ago and the Kenyan Woman has used the basket to carry all the rich harvest from their farm for centuries. Root vegetables like the arrow roots and sweet potatoes has given the Kenyan family the strength and energy they need to go about their day to day routine for centuries.

Fruits grew wildly in the forest and farms and sweet melon has become a welcome delicacy on the Kenyan table. Mainly the strings used for weaving the baskets were mainly found from the back of shrubs and special plants. The leather handle was made from dried animal skin. The women carried the heavy basket full of traditional produce on their strong backs with the handle pivoting from their head, and the nursing mothers carried the baby from the front where it sucked the rich mothers milk as they took the long walk from the distance farm.

The Arrow roots and sweet potatoes in the basket are shaped from real fruit cake and covered with tinted sugar paste.

All this is depicted and captured in this wonderfully and creatively made Basket cake.

NB: All materials used on this cake are edible. The drawing on the cake is done by Chef Daniel Mungai using edible and permitted food colors.

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