Emma Daniel Creations Kenyan African Traditional Wedding cake

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African themed cake could be anything ranging from African Drums, Baskets, Masai Manyatta's etc. These cakes fall under Novelty cakes which are in 4 classes depending on the amount of fruits inside. Class A -rich fruit cake = KES76,080/=, Class B medium fruit cake = KES67,960/=, Class C- light fruit cake =KES62,100/=, Class D- fruitlessKES48,240/=. All prices Are exclusive of VAT. The order must be placed at least two months before the Wedding and a 75% deposit paid. check our Wedding cake menu for more details or call our customer care centre.

A Nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. What a better way to show this than with a Kenyan Wedding Cake full of cultural richness.

Traditionally Africans have used a clay pot sitting on three stones and fueled by firewood to cook their staple foods like vegetable mash (Mukimo). Pumpkin is a delicacy that adds sweet flavour to most dishes. Who said you need a plate, folk and knife to dig into your food? Calabashes which came naturally in the wild were the cups and plates of choice.

The best meat to eat is from animals that are hard to catch. Africans used arrows and spears to hunt and sometime the hunter became the hunted in which case, speed and bravely saved their dear life. No wonder they had lean bodies, pure fitness and good health. After eating too much and experiencing the dreaded heartburn, ash from the fire wood was a sure remedy. All this is depicted and captured in this 5 tier Novelty wedding cake.

NB: All materials used on this cake are edible. The drawing on the cake is done by Chef Daniel Mungai using edible and permitted food colors.

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