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If you can dream it, we can make it Happen. This has been our Slogan since the very first day Emma Daniel Creations Was formed.

We design Cakes that Paint your dream to the world in 3D (three dimension), We make them so real in real life and capture them creatively in picture that anyone who has not experienced us before will surely think it is Photoshop.

One of my food production class tutor managed to capture the photo of the ripe yellow and blue sofa set cake using her phone camera, of course with an obvious intention to show off. The first person she showed the picture was an aunt who had last seen her when she was jobless.

"Oh my God" she exclaimed her eyes wide opened with joy evident on her now radiant face. " What a beautiful sofa you have bought for yourself, i couldn't afford such myself" she continued as she gave her a rib breaking hug. In a flash her status had hit the roof top and she hated to disappoint her auntie who had taken a new pride in her. what happened next your guess is as good as mine.

Years of making cakes has only helped in pushing our skills in this special art, to a level that only leaves our customers Satisfied.

Kindly take you time and read the product description below for the amazing story about this great wedding cake which falls under our novelty/ fantasy wedding cakes category.

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Remember a party without a Cake is just a Meeting. We will crown your event with our themed designer cakes anytime.

Having somewhere to go is a HOME. Having someone to love is a FAMILY. Having both is a Blessing.

Every Cake has a story and this is the story behind this great and creative Sofa Set cake.

When the wonderful woman who had being a big fan of mine on both my Radio and TV cookery Shows, told me that I will do her wedding cake many years ago I did not imagine even for a moment, that she would end up throwing to me the kind of challenge she did when she come to order her dream Wedding cake.

Being a jovial and open woman she allowed me to make some suggestion of the kind of wedding Cake that best suits her as if she had no idea of what she wanted. Having being in this game for many years, I started making suggestion of great cakes but obviously something that would not give me sleepless nights. Who does not like an easy way out once in a while?

Mind you this is close to three months before her wedding. As I make the great suggestion (or a least so I thought) I observed a mischievous smile forming on her lips from the corners of my eyes. “ Brilliant ideas” she said in a calm and polite manner. “But I think a sofa set would be a good thing for me” she said looking me straight in the eyes.

“Of course that is very possible” I say faking a weak smile. Over the years in business I have trained my self never to allow my body particularly my facial expression to betray shock. I do great cakes, but honestly the sofa set idea was a bombshell. I could feel sweat building up in every pore on my face as I tried to figure out where the hell you start with such a cake.

“My wedding will have 1100 guests in attendance” I called Jesus loudly in my heart “and everyone has to eat the cake” she continued as if she was enjoying tormenting me. I think deep inside she knew she had cornered me.

Apart from the main cake which was to comprise of 5 seater sofa set or coach and two tables, I had to do thirteen 2 kg cakes to be cut at the same time with the main cake in all the thirteen tents that housed her 1100 guests as well as do 6 half kilo cakes for her bridal party.

After what seemed like an eternity, i managed to convince her that her cake idea was a walk in the park for me. She unzipped her colourfull hand bag and dug deep like a magician and" wala" came out two pieces of roughly cut fabrics stapled together. One was a warm bright yellow and the other one was a blue. It is the blue that caused me an instant heart ache.

You see some colours don't even exist in the colour chart. Here i am dealing with sugar paste and food colours. Getting that kind of tint on a white paste would not be easy, but as usual at Emma Daniel Creations we surprise even ourselves. We managed to get the beautiful blue which we assigned to the cushions while we decided to use yellow creatively on the rest of the cake body.

Her wedding coincided with her birthday and as if to add insult to injury her great daughter ordered for her a surprise birthday cake.

If the surprise were a normal simple butter cream fruitcake or maybe a black forest all would have been all right under the kind of pressure we were working on, But a Matatu minibus! that was to much.

Just go to the home page and scroll down to the birthday cake section to see the bus cake we made for her.

Just in case you are wondering whether the entire guests turned up, your guess is as good as mine. In fact judging by the food plates our catering department served the guests surpassed the number, as we had to recycle clean plates at a certain point. For her it was pure show of love from family and friends, but for us it was truly a jittery moment, though we were able to feed every present stomach and still had some food left in our back up thermo boxes.

Any way to cut a long story short after many trials and repeat Jobs not mention sleepless nights as the deadline drew closer and closer, this is what I managed to come up with together with my able team of staff and students.

We also catered for Her 1100 guests and crowned the entire event with a choreographed dance courtesy of our Dancing Chefs who literally took over the show during the cake cutting session.

Anyway we managed fine and all was well at the end of the Wedding day.

The challenge only succeeded in making us better and smarter people and we realized that there is no challenge that is too big for us.

Remember, if you can dream it, we can make it happen.

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