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Charity begins at home.One’s first responsibility is for the needs of one's own family and friends.

Emma Daniel Creations As a family is so aware of that fact and that is why when it comes to our staff we brush everything aside to make sure we treat them like royalty.

This beautiful cake was a gift to our Chief Baker during her Wedding.

The Chief Executive Chef Daniel Mungai expressed his appreciation for the many hours and dedication this young lady has always put by rewarding her with not only the cake but also superior outside catering and her weddings video coverage.

Just scroll on the slide bar on the left side of this page to see not only the cake set up at the venue but the delicious buffet we prepared for her. Shopping under one roof has never being made easier.

Her commitment and attitude towards work has always being on point. A happy Staff is a productive staff. No wonder all the cakes she bakes leave customers licking there fingers and come for more time after time.

Her black and white forest melts in the mouth while her fruitcake is an award winner. Her blue berry cake and red velvet will surely leave you wishing birthdays were held everyday. The way she folds her Swiss roll makes every slice appear like it’s something right from a cookery book not to mention her delicious carrot cake and banana bread which make every tea time a moment to treasure.

If I am to describe all the cakes she does I would surly run out of ink and paper, but in summary she turns every cake into tasty treasure.

Go to our home page and scroll down to the cake menu section for our price list.

This beautiful cake is a medium fruitcake, which comprises of a variety of candy fruits like sultanas, cherries, raisins, currants, spices, nuts, lemon rind and juice flavour among many others.

Its structure is made up of butter, brown sugar, eggs, flour, molasses, brandy and spices among other ingredients.

The whole cake is a seven tier with three square cakes placed on each other while 4 others are carefully arranged on the side using different seized stands.

The cake is covered with cream sugar paste, which is creatively decorated with cascading piping icing sugar extension work. The blue ribbon complements the overall design giving it perfect finish which breaks the monotony not to forget the hand made lilies which give the cake a “please marry me” effect.

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